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Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors are used by customers to make best use of space and maximise return on investment.

Good design enables us to cost effectively provide mezzanine floors that meet the clients present and future needs efficiently and attractively, and that maximise return over the lifetime of the mezzanine.

Why do we think good design of mezzanine floors is important?

For a number of reasons:

  • Poorly designed mezzanine floors fail to acheive the promised space efficiency through bad detailing and failure to consider the effects of the column layout beyond cost effectiveness of manufacture.
  • Building regulations legislation requires only that the lowest standards of mezzanine floor construction are met. In use the amount of movement experienced can disappoint customers who are seeking more demanding levels of performance where design to the higher standards of BRE guidelines are desirable.
  • The slab supported nature of mezzanine floors means that baseplates of some type are inevitable, presenting potential trip hazards. Good design enables such hazards to be reduced or eliminated.
  • Where offices are to be created below a mezzanine floor it is possible to conceal all the structural columns without evidence of boxing in, creating clean, neat environments where all space can be efficiently utilised.

Benefit from our experience – make the most of our design service – we will undertake to provide a complete mezzanine floor design,  drawings, calculations and specification for a fixed sum.

Use this information to invite firm tenders based upon consistent information, easing comparison and decision making, and avoiding the sudden appearance of hidden extras.

Contact us now for help with design of your mezzanine floors!

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