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Fire protection

Fire protection of mezzanine floors is necessary for many floors except small floors used for only storage or larger floors where sprinkler systems are installed.

Mezzanine floor fire protection comprises insulation of the structure in a way to protect the steelwork from collapse for a specified period after the outbreak of a fire. This enables occupiers to safely evacuate and the fire brigade to safely fight any fire.

We are pleased to advise on fire protection requirements for specific mezzanine flooring applications and to undertake fire protection of mezzanine floors.

There are many ways that mezzanine floor fire protection can be applied, however the fastest, most cost effective solution that has been developed by the industry is as follows:

  • Two part column casings, comprising a steel outer shell with insulating board bonded to its interior.
  • A vertical bulkhead or fascia fixed to any perimeter edges or edges where there are penetrations to the mezzanine in order to close the ceiling void. This comprises a metal framing with plasterboard facing.
  • A suspended ceiling supported by wires clipped to the underside of the mezzanine. The tiles used must be of a suitable specification to offer adequate fire protection for the application.
  • Cavity barriers. On large mezzanine floors the ceiling void has to be broken into smaller areas by fitting mineral wool fire barriers.

Our installation teams are coordinated to follow closely after completion of mezzanine floor installation to complete the fire protection of the structure.

Alternative means of fire protection may be used where required such as plasterboard ceilings on an MF grid, plasterboard boxing in of columns or intumescent painting of steelwork.

These alternatives are usually applied where there are specific aesthetic or functional reasons making them more suited, however our teams are able to offer all of these finishes, and we can advise on the most appropriate for the clients needs.

Fire protection of the mezzanine floor structure is necessary if it is used for storage and exceeds 10m x 10m without a fire detection and alarm system, or exceeds 20m x 20m with a fire detection and alarm system, or if it exceeds 50% of the area of the unit in which  it is  located, or if anyone is permanently working upon it.

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