The credit crunch and mezzanine floors Mezzanine floors and planning permission

Mezzanine floors and planning permission

June 14, 2010

Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors

Welcome to our blog about mezzanine floors. We suspect this is likely to appeal to a fairly specialised niche market!  Having spent almost 25 years dealing with mezzanine floors it is easy for us to forget that for clients a mezzanine floor project is sometimes a once in a lifetime project for them.

We thought that discussing issues that could trip up the unwary might be of benefit.

Mezzanine floors and planning permission.

This was an issue that first came to our attention about 15 years ago, and has since become more formalised in certain applications.

Generally planning consent is not necessary for many mezzanine floor installations, however we have come across instances where there has been a specific planning constraint requiring a planning application for the installation of mezzanine floors within industrial premises due to pressure on car parking spaces.  A planning application has since become necessary for out of town retail mezzanine floors, but remains unusual in non retail instances.

If you are planning a floor within an industrial building, particularly if it will create office space, and there is pressure on parking, do not assume that planning permission is not  required for such mezzanine floors.

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