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Manufacturing mezzanine floor case study

December 8, 2010

Mezzanine flooring and project management

An industrial mezzanine floor from Llonsson enabled our client to relocate from a series of 9 small units in a London business centre to a single site, significantly improving the efficiency of his business.

The business, manufacturing gift items, had expanded within the business centre however the units were all separate and on different floors. Independent consultants advised the business to relocate to a single site and recommended Llonsson to advise, design and equip the new site.

Not only did Llonsson design, supply and install the mezzanine flooring and fire protection, but also integrated the warehouse storage racking, production storage, new benching system, services including power, lighting, fire detection and alarm system, compressed air system, space heating and administrative offices.

Because of the light weight of the products and the existing first floor offices, the mezzanine level was nominated as production space, maximising use of natural light and also heat rising within the unit, and made communication between office and assembly efficient and immediate, whilst the ground floor was used for storage of bought in components and finished goods on wide access shelving and pallet racking.

The ground floor column layout was designed to ensure that columns and baseplates were concealed within racking and that the most efficient layout of racking and aisles was achieved.

Two pallet safety gates were provided on the mezzanine floor for use with a reach truck to enable parts to be delivered to production storage and finished goods to storage and despatch using roll cage pallets.

The benefit of employing a single contractor with combined experience of mezzanine floors and manufacturing systems engineering expertise helped our client to cost effectively equip their new premises with a coordinated solution whose performance exceeded their expectations from the outset and enabled them to significantly increase their exports.

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