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Mezzanine floor industry accolade

June 6, 2011

Mezzanine flooring company, Llonsson Ltd, rated STRONG in unsolicited report.

DSCN3547O1 Mezzanine floor industry accolade Llonsson Ltd regarded ‘a safe pair of hands’

Recent probing of the mezzanine flooring industry by independent analysts reveals that Llonsson Ltd is one mezzanine floor supplier getting it right.

‘This is important to everyone that we deal with’ says Director Harry Mortensson ‘Not only customers who can be confident of the ongoing financial stability, security and consistency of Llonsson Ltd when contemplating buying mezzanine floors, but also our suppliers. Now, more than ever, it is important for buyers of mezzanine floors to look beyond headline pricing and carefully examine and continuously monitor who they are dealing with to ensure that they avoid project interruption or losses through supplier failure.’

Llonsson’s strong rating is in stark contrast to much of the mezzanine floor industry in 2011, according to the report, which places Llonsson Ltd amongst the successful top 25% of mezzanine flooring companies.

The analysts found that almost 50% of mezzanine floor suppliers are perceived to be ripe for takeover whilst 25% were struggling to survive in a market where the bottom third of companies are making losses due to competition in the marketplace.

The unsolicited, independent appraisal of the mezzanine flooring business underlines the pressure that manufacturing industry is under with reduced business volume and significant inflation of steel, chipboard and transport costs, but also highlights that suppliers such as Llonsson Ltd are successfully managing costs and challenges and continue to offer clients excellent quality mezzanine flooring, competitively priced whilst remaining soundly financed and secure organisations to deal with.

Mezzanine floor advice and support

For advice or a quotation with detailed breakdown of mezzanine floor prices and costs for your project, or for further details of the UK mezzanine flooring industry report call Llonsson Ltd on 01883 622068

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