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Mezzanine floors: Award winning site

September 2, 2010


Office mezzanine floors 

Office mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors

Llonsson Ltd has just completed installation of a pair of mezzanine floors at an international architectural award winning site in Waterloo, London. The small mezzanines are located in a pair of railway arches, and will offer the client additional space for meeting rooms when fully fitted out.

 The client taking on the lease of the arches needed space where confidential meetings could be held, and wanted this at the front of the arch to gain benefit from the light coming in through the glass curtain wall, without obstructing all the light to the rear of the arches.

By incorporating the small office mezzanines in part of the atrium at the front of the arch, the meeting rooms are raised so that no light is blocked from the ground floor office space, nor is the reception area compromised.

The meeting rooms will be finished to three exposed sides with siliconed glass partitions enabling light to also penetrate through to the existing first floor office space.

The award winning layout of the existing structure within the arch uses symmetrically positioned round columns fire protected by intumescent paint.  As it was not possible to align the new mezzanine floor columns with the original structure, smaller round columns have been used sympathetically, and will use intumescent paint fire protection.

The completed meeting rooms will utilise the same materials as existing, retaining the fresh modern feel of the arches whilst making obvious the fact that they are an addition, yet complementing the existing structure.  

The new mezzanine flooring has been installed swiftly without significant alteration to existing finishes and without fixings to the arch structure itself in accordance with Network Rails requirements, making reinstatement at the end of the lease simple and inexpensive.

Office mezzanine floors, stairs, handrailing and balustrading designed by Llonsson Ltd will always take account of the environment in which they are being used and will be designed to fully comply with the building regulations.


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