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Mezzanine floors: New Budget range

August 12, 2010

We are pleased to announce the launch of our economy range of mezzanine floors.

Mezzanine floors colleges 150x150 Mezzanine floors: New Budget range

Budget mezzanine floors

In addition to Llonsson’s range of standard specification and specialist mezzanine floors, we are now able to offer an economical ‘no frills’ range of mezzanine floors to suit applications where low price is a primary factor in product selection.

The budget range complies with all minimum statutory requirements for mezzanine floors, and is suited to simple mezzanine flooring applications such as storage and warehousing in modern portal frame ‘sheds’.

Smaller spans between mezzanine floor columns enables columns to be kept small and light, main sections shallow and light weight, and baseplate loads low. Baseplates are typically 300mm x 300m x 12mm. Secondary steel sections are still of inset construction, but utilize a low cost simple ‘C’ profile section with pressed ‘L’ shaped cleats.

For a functional solution to undemanding mezzanine flooring applications, that can offer up to 20% cost saving compared to our standard mezzanine floor range, and will even give preowned mezzanine floors a run for their money, ask for a quotation for one of our excellent value budget mezzanine floors from Llonsson Ltd.

Standard mezzanine floors from Llonsson Ltd

Alongside the new budget mezzanine floor range we continue to offer our standard mezzanine floor range with full design and  technical support, offering top quality mezzanine floor components and finishes as well as the flexibility to integrate specialised components and finishes and to provide higher levels of performance specification for more demanding applications.

Mezzanine flooring advice and support

If you would like advice regarding the most appropriate solution for your project, someone to liaise with building control on your behalf, or a quotation for your mezzanine floor project call Llonsson Ltd on 01883 622068.

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