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Mezzanine floors: Case Studies

December 10, 2010

Tank workshop mezzanine floor

Tank workshop mezzanine flooring

Telecomms mezzanine floor

One might imagine that dealing with mezzanine floors becomes repetitive, however the peculiarities of each application and site, and the bespoke nature of most of our floors enables us to enjoy access to many varied environments and buildings of all kinds and ages and offers us enormous variety in finding practical, cost effective solutions that will marry clients needs to their property.

One notable such project was undertaken for an international telecoms operator who wished to establish a new switch centre in a continental city location. The clients final choice of building was the derelict concrete shell of a WW2 tank repair centre that had originally been erected in the early 1940’s to serve the occupying forces vehicles.

The building had remained largely untouched and comprised a reinforced concrete frame with hardened concrete roof and walls to three sides. The concrete slab was of fairly light weight construction as, counterintuitively, heavy tanks don’t need a strong slab since their weight is well distributed by the tracks. A new slab was laid over the existing using a fibre reinforced concrete, a system widely used on the continent.

The new mezzanine floor structural framework required clear spans of in excess of 15m in order to keep the switchroom area clear of columns, and consequently the column grid in the other plane was reduced in order to reduce axial column loads to levels that could easily be distributed through the slab.

The columns were fabricated in 120mm x 120mm RHS  due to their height and fitted with Llonssons’ “concealed construction partition plates” which, by enabling the containment of the baseplate within the partition width, eliminate all floor obstructions within the switchrooms.

The mezzanine flooring  in this instance was used as a ceiling and services support structure, enabling the switchroom to be enclosed in a freestanding structure within the outer building (a ‘box in a box’ construction). Plant and equipment were located upon the structure, and maintenance access was provided by a catladder.

The materials were delivered from the UK using special overlength trailers and installed by our UK installation team to a tight programme. Using UK installation teams was possible in compliance with EU legislation because of the short duration of the work, and enabled better progress to be maintained than using local labour who would have been subject to more restrictive Belgian working time and overtime restrictions.


You deserve the best advice and guidance when spending a significant sum of money on a project involving mezzanine floors.

If you would like advice regarding your specific needs, someone to liaise with building control on your behalf, or a mezzanine floor quotation call Llonsson Ltd on 01883 622068.

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