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Mezzanine floors: Part ‘K’ and Part ‘M’ staircases

July 12, 2010

Does your mezzanine floor need a part ‘K’ or part ‘M’ staircase?

Mezzanine floor staircase

Mezzanine floors

Part ‘K’ and part ‘M’ refer to the parts of the building regulations that deal with the design of staircases. Part ‘K’ relates to standard staircases, whilst part ‘M relates to ‘ambulant’ staircases designed for disabled access.

In principle it should be possible for anyone with a disability to gain access throughout your premises, however there are circumstances where this is not necessary.

If a mezzanine floor is used for a purpose where staff must be able bodied to undertake their duties such as storage, then an access statement can be made as part of the building regulations application and a part ‘K’ stair should suffice.

If the mezzanine floor is to be used for office space, then a part ‘M’ ambulant staircase will usually be necessary, however a part ‘K’ staircase may suffice if the uses on the mezzanine are duplicated elsewhere so that a disabled employee could undertake the same role in a more accessible location.

If  there is  public access to the mezzanine floor, as in retail applications, then the main staircase should be of part ‘M’ ambulant design.

If more than one staircase is required, then additional stairs can usually be part ‘K’.

Bear in mind that part ‘M’ staircases occupy more plan space as they are wider, shallower and have intermediate landings.

These are general guidelines relating to mezzanine floor staircases, and do not address requirements for stairlifts or personnel lifts which may be required for larger floors.

It is always prudent to discuss your specific project with the approved inspector or building control officer prior to commencing work.

If you would like advice regarding the specific requirements for your project and someone to liaise with building control on your behalf, call Llonsson Ltd on 01883 622068.

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