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Mezzanine floors: selecting the right professionals

June 25, 2010

Mezzanine floors

Mezzanine floors

A recent project at a brand new site almost cost our client dearly. The client was concerned about the floor loading imposed by the mezzanine floors columns upon the concrete ground bearing slab, and engaged a structural engineer to look into this.

The upshot was that the structural engineer advised that the brand new slab, with vapour barrier, be cut through and shallow concrete bases be introduced below each column.

Llonsson questioned this, as in our experience this would only be necessary if ground conditions were extremely poor, which seemed unlikely with a new build property designed for warehousing and distribution. The floor was also small, having mainly perimeter columns, and therefore imposing much lower loads than might be expected in such an environment.

The proposal also raised the issues of added construction time, costs, and making good of the breached vapour barrier.

Llonsson discussed the project further with the structural engineers and established that they were inexperienced in this type of project and were concerned about their PI insurance.

To avoid overkill, Llonsson approached the original structural engineers who designed the unit, discussed the original design parameters and enabled the mezzanine floor installation to proceed without any further alterations or civil works whilst maintaining the original design loadings.

Building control were satisfied, and the client was not only reassured, but also relieved to maintain his construction programme and retain quite a few thousand pounds in his bank account.

The moral of the tale: selecting professional advisors with care and ensuring that they are suitably experienced with mezzanine floors can save you many thousands of pounds.

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