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Mezzanine floors: surplus handrail posts

July 2, 2010

Galvanised steel handrail posts

Galvanised steel handrail post

Anyone need some galvanised steel ball and tube handrail posts? These are surplus from a large contract and could be used either on mezzanine floors or for a barrier/handrail.

They are special, in that they are 1000mm high, so for perimeter edge protection would need to be mounted on 100mm plinth.

We have 38 off available, with 48.3mm dia. (40mm nominal bore) shank posts and balls to suit 42.4mm dia. (32mm nominal bore) galvanised gas barrel. Balls are at 500mm and 1000mm crs above base. 170mm x 80mm baseplates set perpendicular to handrail axis with 14mm dia. holes at 120mm centres.

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