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August 5, 2010

Circular mezzanine floor base plate

Surface mounted mezzanine floor base plate

Dealing with mezzanine floors every day we get a bit blasé about specifications, however each floor is bespoke, and different customers have different needs, so here is a bit about the baseplate options available.

In common with most mezzanine flooring suppliers we quote for standard surface mounted mezzanine floor baseplates which are assumed to be 300mm x 300mm square in the absence of slab or subsoil data.

Our mezzanine floor baseplates are always fitted with countersunk fixings to eliminate a potential trip hazard.

When subsoil, slab and load conditions dictate, mezzanine floor plates that are oversized beyond our standard may be necessary and can be provided.

Surface mounted mezzanine floor base plate

Sometimes we are asked to provide circular columns for aesthetics, in which case a circular surface mounted mezzanine floor baseplate looks much smarter than a rectangular plate.

Chamfering the top arrises of surface mounted mezzanine floor baseplates makes it less likely that they will present a trip hazard. This can be offered if the budget doesn’t stretch to recessed plates but tripping is considered a potential risk.

Mezzanine floor base plates can be offset to enable columns to be positioned closer walls or to keep them out of racking aisles. Plates may sometimes need to be slightly thicker or larger in these circumstances.

Rectangular mezzanine floor baseplates can be used in similar circumstances as offset plates with the same provisos.

Mezzanine floors recessed baseplate in pocket

Mezzanine floors recessed baseplate

Mezzanine floors recessed baseplate in pocket

To eliminate the further potential trip hazard of a mezzanine floor baseplate, particularly in areas where there is no equipment under which baseplates can be positioned, or in offices where plates could interfere with the positioning of desks or furniture, we can offer recessed plates. Columns are extended to allow for this and a pocket detail is agreed to suit the necessary baseplate sizes which we can arrange to cut or can be undertaken by the clients builder. Fixings are still recessed so that they do not project above the finished floor surface. The plates are positioned with shims below them to level them and the pockets are finished off with a high performance non shrinking self levelling grout which is trowelled off flush with the surrounding floor surface. This is also a popular option for food production areas where potential dirt traps are avoided.

An alternative to recessed plates is standard plates with a full floor screed. The cost needs to be evaluated and the implications of raising the floor level need to be conside such as door alterations and introducing changes of levels. In our view recessed plates offer the better solution.

The concealed construction partition plate is a special type of rectangular mezzanine floor baseplate with gussets that can be surface mounted but remains concealed when used within a jumbo stud wall system, enabling mezzanine floor columns and baseplates to be completely concealed within the walls of an office layout whilst offering neat flush wall finishes.

Sometimes when the slab or subsoil is poor, rather than using mezzanine floor baseplates a ground beam can be used which creates a line load. This is an extreme form of surface mounted rectangular plate which does prevent doors being located along its length in one plane, but leaves the other plane unobstructed.

This general information relates to mezzanine floor base plates and is intended for guidance only. Each application needs to be assessed on its own merits.

It is always prudent to discuss your specific project with an approved inspector or building control officer prior to commencing work, a task with which your mezzanine floor contractor will be prepared to assist.

If you would like advice regarding the specific requirements for your project, someone to liaise with building control on your behalf, or a quotation for your project call Llonsson Ltd on 01883 622068.

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