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Mezzanine floors: Telecommunications

August 24, 2010

Fenland floors on stilts

Mezzanine floors
Mezzanine floors

Reliability is fundamental to the operation of telecommunications networks as maintaining communications is vital to the function of emergency services.

The potentially disruptive effects of flooding to a fenland telecommunication centre mezzanine was overcome by raising the mezzanine floor by an extra metre and introducing a reinforced concrete slab on corrugated shuttering at a 1m height above floor level.

By effectively mounting our mezzanine floor on stilts, the risk of flooding affecting this switchroom in a fenland location was minimised.

The remainder of the structure generally followed our standard pattern for switchroom mezzanine flooring. These mezzanine floors are used to provide a framework around which perimeter walls can be constructed  to enclose switchrooms whilst providing a structure capable of  support ceilings, extensive services and air handling equipment.

Apart from the provision of ‘stilts’ this mezzanine floor was of standard design with the exception of extra large baseplates being provided to distribute load over the slab due to the poor bearing capacity of the fenland soil below.

Access to the raised switchroom itself was provided by ramps from the floor slab to the raised 1m slab of the switchroom, and a catladder was provided for maintenance access to the plant located on top of the switchroom.

Internal services were slung on cable trays suspended from the flanges of the main steels of the mezzanine floor.

The mezzanine flooring was erected within a week with the ground floor concrete slab being completed within a further week.

This is one mezzanine floor that we hope is never fully subjected to its design parameters.




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