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New Stock of Mezzanine Floors

March 21, 2011

New stock of secondhand mezzanine floors will shortly be available.

Two good sized floors are currently being dismantled, and may be suited to your application.

An almost new installation of over 1000 square metres (11,000 square feet) with a finished floor level of 2.89m, a 3m x 4.5m column grid, galvanized steel faced 1 hour column casings will be in stock by the end of this week.

As ever, used stock is subject to availability, and pays its way best if adaptation is kept to a minimum.

A further project commences next week to remove 1100 square metres (12,000 square feet) of mezzanine flooring with a finished floor level of 3.2m  and 5m x 6m column grid.

Not quite as pristine as the first project but still very serviceable, and with very usable clear spans, this should be attractive for many applications, and good prices can be offered for delivery direct from site rather than stock.

Both projects can be split to create smaller mezzanines and stairs, handrail and accessories can be provided to suit most applications, as can fire protection.

The right used mezzanine can offer good savings when properly designed and installed, whilst a new mezzanine will give you performance to match your needs perfectly when you need it.

Whatever your mezzanine application, do not hesitate to contact us for help, advice or a quotation.

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